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Hi, I'm Hà.

Welcome to my world of color and passion!


Meet Ha...

Ha Tran-Willes is a semi-abstract and impressionist painter based in Edmonton, Alberta. As a child growing up on the beaches of a small town in Vietnam, she would revel in the sights and sounds of the ocean. Now, thousands of miles away from her birthplace, she uses an intimate knowledge of the colors and textures in her current abode to celebrate nature.

Ha mainly works with acrylic and mixed media to achieve her signature inner glow, which is akin to Monet's with a rawer edge. Using traditional tools such as brushes and knives as well as avant-garde implements like rags and found objects, Ha’s primary focus is the interplay between colors. Her work is bold and vibrant, and her expressive use of pigment invokes the joyous feeling her art is known for.

Ha's work has been purchased and commissioned by local, national, and international collectors since 2013, and she often sells out when she exhibits. She is happiest knowing her art brings cheer to others, and clients remark that it is vivid, alive, and uplifting.

Ha is also a devoted wife and mother of two, and her other passion is creating a beautiful life for her family. When not painting or spending time with them, she can be found making clothes, crocheting, and dancing.

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